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    Let your Talent Strategy help drive your Business Outcomes

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    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

    - Leonardo da Vinci

    Are you maximizing your investment in your people?


    As a Human Resources and Talent Management leader, I've spent my career focused on enabling organizations to achieve greater HR sophistication and market leadership through "right" people practices...those that are simple and effective for the needs of a particular organization.


    By focusing on three practice areas - Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development - I'll help you identify your talent strategy, create a talent plan, and operationalize that plan within your organization. My passion for working with business leaders to develop and implement talent strategies across a variety of companies and industries has enabled organizations to more effectively identify, attract, develop and retain their people.


    I founded Talent Outcomes LLC to be able to share and apply these invaluable work experiences - and the lessons learned along the way - in order to offer a differentiated consulting approach. Thinking beyond just the "administrivia" of human resources management, I can help you identify and articulate your talent strategy, and determine how to operationalize that strategy within your organization.


    My philosophy is simple: The best people practices for an organization are those that are simple to understand, fully embraced and easily deployed...to enable talent to achieve desired business outcomes. These practices are specifically, and necessarily, tailored to your unique values and culture.


    Let your Talent Strategy help drive your Business Outcomes.

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    I possess a broad background and experience in developing and leading HR/Talent initiatives in a variety of roles across different industries and organizations. Through the application of this knowledge and expertise, I'm able to help you develop an approach to talent that will enable the success of your business.


    • Head of Talent Management
    • Head of Executive Talent
    • Head of HR Operations
    • Senior Director Global Staffing
    • Director of Talent Acquisition
    • Director of National Employment & Retention
    • Senior Manager of Human Resources
    • Manager of Diversity & Workforce Issues 
    • HR Business Partner


    • American Express Company
    • Cree, Inc.
    • Dow Chemical Company
    • IQVIA (formerly QuintilesIMS)
    • Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)
    • Pepsi-Cola Company / Pepsi Bottling Company
    • Triarc Companies / Arby's Restaurant Group
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    I develop and deliver smarter people practices so you can realize better business results. Click below to view examples of the outcomes I've implemented in client organizations.

    Talent Management

    Talent Acquisition

    Talent Development

  • Talent OUtcomes, LLC

    SMARTER PEOPLE PRACTICES. Better business Results.

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